The White House Communications Director Just Gave This Unhinged, Profanity-Laden Interview …to The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza.

The new and improved WH Communications Director. He’s a charmer. Quite the phone call he had with The New Yorker. He is a specimen of what is now “government at its finest”. Whether it is the attempted ban of transgenders, discrimination against anything “other” then the most corrupt administration we have yet to see, the beat goes on. I am not impressed when Republicans speak out about the horrors. They helped create their monster, as did the Democrats. In case anyone didn’t know it or want to acknowledge it, this country is occupied by a racist, bigoted, bible-thumping “I am the judge and jury” per one’s religious belief system and/or interpretation of whatever book I happen to think everyone else should read or follow, populace. So, spare me the outrage and indignation, as it is business as usual. I just think it is kind of funny to watch what makes people react, when there should have been a collective response of NO from the beginning of this charade.


From the article, via Mother Jones:

“They’ll all be fired by me,” he said. “I fired one guy the other day. I have three to four people I’ll fire tomorrow. I’ll get to the person who leaked that to you. Reince Priebus—if you want to leak something—he’ll be asked to resign very shortly.” The issue, he said, was that he believed Priebus had been worried about the dinner because he hadn’t been invited. “Reince is a fucking paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac,” Scaramucci said. He channelled Priebus as he spoke: “ ‘Oh, Bill Shine is coming in. Let me leak the fucking thing and see if I can cock-block these people the way I cock-blocked Scaramucci for six months.’ ” (Priebus did not respond to a request for comment.)


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This Deceased Woman’s Poem Shows the Sad Reality of Heroin Addiction

Lots of focus these past few years on the 'opiate epidemic'. People running around with their hair on fire, starting little community groups to figure out what to do and how to help. Yet our local county court still doesn't believe in treatment, or understand addiction. Neither does the DA, or many law enforcement agencies. They don't buy into the whole 'disease concept'. Lots of people still think the whole 'disease concept' is just an excuse for lazy immoral stupid people who want to be junkies, who make that choice.

The ironic part is that many addicts don't 'buy into' the disease concept either. They can quit anytime they want. They just need to be left alone and when they're ready they'll quit and like Bo Peeps sheep they'll come trotting home to live happily ever after. Fat chance.

But until we, those of us who are recovering addicts, start speaking out and telling people we're recovering addicts, that treatment does work, that there is hope and that addiction is a treatable brain disease, I'm afraid not much is going to change. My feeling is that too many people hide behind the principle of anonymity found in 12 step support groups. That whole "press, radio and film" part falls away and recovering folks say, "Well, it's an anonymous program."

Yeah, no. In my not so humble opinion there's still a great deal of shame surrounding addiction, and the folks hiding behind the principle of anonymity still feel it's bite.

I think the recovery community needs to take a good long look at the gay community. They didn't hide, they didn't use euphemisms to describe themselves. They owned it and put it in people faces. "We're here, we're queer, get used to it." They were proud of themselves, popular perceptions be damned. And things have changed.

By the way. This young ladies sentiments apply equally as well for the crackhead and lush and any other substance or activity you want to insert in there. Addiction is a beast, and it may take those of us who have and continue to tame the beast to step out into the light and say, "This is what an addict looks like." Everybody knows what they think an addict looks like.

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Trump’s Son Met With Russian Lawyer After Being Promised Damaging Information on Clinton

From The New York Times
By Jo BeckerMatt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman

So, it's the NY Times, the Gray Lady... from the story

"American intelligence agencies have concluded that Russian hackers and propagandists worked to tip the election toward Donald J. Trump, in part by stealing and then providing to WikiLeaks internal Democratic Party and Clinton campaign emails that were embarrassing to Mrs. Clinton. WikiLeaks began releasing the material on July 22.
A special prosecutor and congressional committees are now investigating the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with the Russians. Mr. Trump has disputed that, but the investigation has cast a shadow over his administration."

See? See that right there? That kind of stuff is what bothers me and a whole mess of other people. Sure the Russians may have colluded with Trump's campaign to flip the election, and if that happened then we should find out and deal with it. But if somebody is going to claim they swung the election by releasing internal Democratic Party and Clinton campaign emails that were "embarrassing" to Mrs. Clinton, well then, my first reaction is fuck you.

Now, not "fuck you" about the Russian collusion and all that, but fuck you to this whole choice of words, these "embarrassing' emails, this whole blatant cover-up, or cover over, or quick-sweep-this-shit-under-the-rug-before-2018-because-the-Berniebots-are-still-out-there-and-they're-pissed-and-Bernie-is-the.-most.-popular-politician-in-America-right-now. So no no no don't even mention the content of those "embarrassing" emails, don't even hint that Hillary Clinton might not even have won the primaries without a little help from her friends. Just keep banging away at the idea that the only reason she lost to an orange skinned buffoon was because he had the Russians on his side. Oh, yeah, while you're at it, why not throw some shade Senator Sanders' way for the loss, too. Especially since that whole Unity Tour thing didn't pan out and Sanders made Perez look like the corporate tool he is.

The emails were more than "embarrassing", they should have been incriminating. Really. The DNC knows that. Otherwise why team Senator Sanders up with the shiny new DNC chair Tom Perez for that Unity Tour earlier this year? Why would the new Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer add Senator Sanders to his leadership slate as "outreach director"? (Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right?) Most diehard, and many not so diehard Democrats will quickly remind those of us who still support Sanders that he's NOT a Democrat. Yeah, not until they need his vote or want him to make nice to his army of supporters so they'll get in step with the party to beat the evil Republicans.

Now, don't misunderstand me. The Republican Party is, in my view, as close to evil as you can get without actually wearing a swastika, and of the two I'd choose a Democrat, but just like I can "love my country" (for lack of a better phrase) over, say, Russia, but still see where it needs change, so too can I support Democrats, over, say, Republicans, at least ideologically, while still seeing where the DNC needs, desperately, to change.

So that, in a way, brings us full circle to the Republicans, the Trump campaign, and the Russians. Go ahead. Investigate. Maybe you'll find something. If you do let's hope it's enough for the Republican House, or the Republican Attorney General, or Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller to act on. If not, the Democrats are going to have to get used to "Russia" being their Benghazi.

It's pretty long, so get a cup of coffee or whatever you need.


Full article below the fold...


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Why Targeting Corporate Democrats Must Be Part of the Fight Against Trump

In order to combat President Trump, progressives have to challenge establishment Democrats and their corporate-friendly policies

From; In These Times, December 2016

By; Mark Engler

From the article; 

"A look at the history of social movements under hostile governments provides a counterintuitive answer. At a time when Donald Trump has risen to the presidency by railing against the Washington establishment and upending the traditional rules of politics, the Democratic Party’s propensity for compromise and triangulation only plays into his hands. The only hope for unseating Trump and minimizing the damage of his agenda will be to
fight his racist right-wing populism with a progressive vision. This vision must express a genuine disgust for Washington politics, but be devoted to eliminating the corrupting power of the wealthiest one percent, rather than scapegoating immigrants and people of color."


During the campaign, talking about healthcare, Clinton smugly, dishonestly, stated "And I always get a little chuckle when I hear my opponent talking about doing it. Well, I don’t know where he was when I was trying to get health care in ’93 and ’94, standing up against the insurance companies, standing up against the drug companies."... To refresh everyone's memory, Sanders was also trying to pass healthcare reform in '93, and has been ever since.

Rather than bad mouthing Sanders, as has been happening, again, in recent articles in the NY Times and elsewhere, now is the time to embrace him and his "unicorns and rainbows" as the genuine, New Deal, Democratic policies that they really are.

Nothing else will win back the American people, and without them, there are no Democrats, only extreme right wing, laugh at your distress, Republisomethings.

Problem is, making the pitch for universal healthcare and all that other stuff is hard. You have to ditch the big money donors. You have to actually talk to people, you have to actually make an argument. You have to actually get into the trenches with the working sap, stand on a picket line or two, get into the VFW halls. In other words, talk to people, honestly.

Yeah, that hasn't been the Democrats strong point for a while now. Seems after Hillary's health care proposals got beat in '93 -'94, she and the neolibs took those slings and arrows and slinked home to lick their wounds and count their cash. And they haven't come down from that tower since.

(Article after the fold)

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How did we get here?

The year is 2017. Can you believe it? 2 fucking thousand and goddamn 17. The world is moving too damn fast... my life is going by too damn fast. 

A reality star conman sits at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office and his spawn run around the globe sucking whatever profit they can out of the name of the President of the United States. He looks and acts like a caricature of the henchmen from Eastside Comedy and struts his way around the globe besmirching whatever good name might have been restored by Obama. The list of damage he has already done is too long to list right here and right now, but we'll get into it eventually.


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